Wednesday, 23 January 2019

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1st Teaser Trailer for "Peacemaker Kurogane" Film Released

I have some great news for all of you sword anime lovers! Following up with their key visual just two days ago, the official website for the upcoming, two-part anime film project Peacemaker Kurogane, posted a 45-second teaser trailer to get fans excited (as well as show off some amazing artwork.) 



The first part of this two-part anime film is called "Omoumich" (literally translated as The Way of Believing) and set to release June 2, 2018. The second part is called "Yuumei" (Friends Lifeand will follow sometime after, in the fall.



Before I finish this post with a trailer, I want to share something I find interesting. I introduced Peacemaker to my roommate two weeks ago and we've been watching several episodes a day, before I was made aware of this two-part movie in the making. For me, it's a rewatch, but I don't fully remember it so it's almost new again. If you like plot building, samurai history, and slower-ish anime, you will love this series (if you haven't already seen it.) For me, it was pretty high on my anime list, but is a series I can't watch multiple times, due to the slowness of it.



Now, to finish the news, here's the first 45-second teaser trailer for the new 



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