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Dragon Ball Creator Q&A Reveals New Information about Super Saiyans and Super Saiyan God

Earlier today, an interview was released involving Akira Toriyama the Creator of the Dragon Ball series. In the interview, he was asked questions about Super Saiyans and information about the beginning of Super Saiyan God. You can read the interview that was translated by Herms here. Here is a link to his twitter as well!



The first questions he is asked is fairly simple. Can anyone become a Super Saiyan if they train? We then get the possible worst thing, in my opinion, that he could have said. S-cells. These are incredibly similar to midichlorians from the Star Wars prequels. The explanation is similar as well. Basically, you need to have a gentle spirit to increase your S-cells and a high combat level and you can become a Super Saiyan. It's a disappointing explanation and hopefully will never make its way into the manga or anime. The tingly feeling on your back works better as an explanation for me.



He then explains a bit more about Super Saiyan God, but this bit is somewhat confusing. Yamoshi a Saiyan who existed before Saiyans lived on planet Vegeta, becomes a Super Saiyan while rebelling against the other Saiyans. He and his five comrades were defeated. After this, his spirit roams around continuously looking for six Saiyans with righteous hearts. Seeking a new savior: Super Saiyan God. If you want to read the translation word for word again here is the link. 



Essentially, Yamoshi goes Super Saiyan, dies, and then searches for six righteous Saiyans to find a new savior, Super Saiyan God. My first problem with some of the news is that Yamoshi is the original Super Saiyan God. It doesn't say that in this translation. It only says that he went Super Saiyan. It says nothing about him becoming Super Saiyan God, just that he was searching for it. My second problem is why would he need a savior if he is dead? The timeline of when this happened is confusing as well. There is a lot of missing information and a lot of room for speculation. The important point is that Yamoshi wasn't confirmed as the original Super Saiyan God or Legendary Super Saiyan, but he could be one or the other.



I feel like I may be missing something important here, but here is a video by Geekdom101. He is a well-known Youtuber that you should check out if you are looking for Dragon Ball news. He is always on the ball with quick, accurate news. What do you think of the news? Are you excited we got a definitive explanation from Toriyama? Are you disappointed? Let me know in the comments!




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