Wednesday, 23 January 2019

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North American "Overwatch" Team Finishes First in Season 1, Undefeated

It's a glorious day for the North America's Overwatch team, Envyus, as they managed to go the entire six weeks of Overwatch Contender’s first regular season undefeated, proving that they deserve the championship victory. Grand Finals took place in Los Angeles, California, at the newly built Blizzard eSports Arena. 


First, they beat team FNRGFE in a best-of-five semi-finals (covered in a previous post), although FNRGFE put up a good fight, taking a point off team Envyus in the second match. Next came the final match - Faze Clan versus the soon-to-be champions, Envyus. Envyus managed to stomp the Faze Clan in a 4-0, best-of-seven series. With Route 66 being the final play map of the game, everything was going well for team Envious and they overall looked like they were dominating the game.


Just to get an idea, check out one of the clips saved by Overwatch:


To give you a better idea of the Season One playoffs, here's a picture of the bracket:


overwatchs1 standing



North American team Envyus has come a long way and royally deserve to call themselves champions. 

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