Friday, 22 February 2019

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Twitch Community Votes "Halo" as The Best Gaming Soundtrack!

On October 3 at 12:08 PST, Twitch tweeted "Which video game do you think has the best music? Top 4 answers will be put into a poll to find the ultimate winner!" on Twitter. Within hours, over 2,500 fans responded with what they believed should be in the top 4. With so much feedback, Twitch ended up narrowing it down to 8 contestants, in two separate groups.


Group One:

Group Two:


Within minutes, Twitch's poll was brought to Reddit by user Dreamwinder, and within hours, reached over 2,000 upvotes. In less than 24 hours, the Twitch poll received a total of 80,130 votes (46,852 votes in group one and 33,278 in group two, respectfully.) Voters stated their opinion(s), from personal social media accounts, to Reddit, and everywhere in between. After countless posts and debates, and votes, the poll officially closed and the community had spoken. 


In Group One:


twitch poll 1


In Group Two:

twitch poll 2



On October 4, Twitch took the top 4 contestants and placed them in a poll of their own, calling it the "SUPER ULTRA MEGA poll." Once again, fans commented. debated, and voted, and by the end of it, the votes of 76,134 had spoken. On October 5 (today), we have a clear winner of the best rated video game soundtrack of all time! 


twitch poll 3


In response, Halo had this to say:




Congratulations to Halo series taking the win!! Do you believe they deserve this win? Feel free to comment below, sharing your thoughts.

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