Friday, 22 February 2019

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What Happens to Your Steam Library When You Die?

Chris Bratt over at Eurogamer asked the question what happens to your steam account when you die In there video: What happens to your Steam account when you die? - "Here's A Thing"


In the age of buying your video games online do these games, even really belong to you? Are these Digital libraries of games, even allowed to be in your will? Like their physical counterparts or will they be lost in the digital void that is the cloud until the end of time?



Every year our digital video game libraries gets bigger, and by the time we pass on, a lot of us will have a substantial library of digital video games with both a monetary and personal value. According to to Valve End-User License Agreement, It is nearly Impossible to transfer steam accounts and licenses.



The EULA states that Steam accounts are "strictly personal," and may not be sold or transferred to others unless "specifically permitted by Valve." This implies that Valve can make special exceptions. Would valve really set a Precedent by letting one person include their digital game library in their will?

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