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Story, Mission, Vision

ConReviews was first created with a simple purpose - Cover conventions live & expand geekdom everywhere.

Our Story

We are a team of passionate fans, ranging from anime to eSports, and everything in between. Before starting ConReviews, Chris and Adan (founders of ConReviews) together had volunteered for over 50 conventions over the course of several years. Starting as volunteers and eventually becoming Directors for several cons, they noticed something important; conventions are awesome, but all that awesomeness is trapped within the convention itself. To share that awesomeness with the world, ConReviews was started. Today, ConReviews covers anime, gaming, eSports, manga, conventions, and more. We've grown a lot, but still have the same passion and vision as when we first started.

Our Mission

We are committed to covering conventions, anime news, and everything gaming. From new releases of manga, to covering live conventions, ConReviews is for fans, by fans. Our mission is to deliver quality content and professional reviews that are honest and entertaining. When reviewing, we look past things like how many games in the game room are our personal favorite and instead would write a review based on the variety of games, flow of the room, and if people are having fun. We believe those are quality things to discuss. We believe that with this mission, conventions will have the chance to be appreciated for their work that sometimes goes unnoticed to most.

Our Vision

The vision of ConReviews is to see anime and conventions grow. We want to give cosplayers, con-goers, special guests, vendors, and even staff a chance to show off in front of a live audience. Unlike traditional livestreaming, ConReviews have multiple mobile camera rigs, with live switching capabilities. Most people hear about the aftermath of conventions and only know what they're like once they've attended one. We believe in showing people what they're like and why they should be attended. Moreso, viewers even have a voice. With the chatbox, viewers may request for our reporters to do things or relay questions/ messages. Our vision is to take convention coverage to the next level, provide amazing news coverage, and share our reviews with the world. We hope to see you at our next con, whether online, or in person.

Team Members

Chris Woodson
Chris WoodsonCo-Founder & CEO
Matthew Reed
Matthew ReedEditor & Reviewer
Brandon Woodson
Brandon WoodsonEditor
Adan Trevino
Adan TrevinoCo-Founder & COO
Darrington Reape
Darrington ReapeLive Reporter & Photographer
Jonathon Jeffries
Jonathon JeffriesLive Production Assistant
Noah Zimmerman
Noah ZimmermanVideographer & Editor
Reginald Averyheart II
Reginald Averyheart IILive Reporter
Ranulfo Gonzalez
Ranulfo GonzalezPhotographer

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ConReviews focuses on news, reviews, and covering conventions live! If you have comments, questions, concerns, or want us to cover your next convention, please email us.